Pool Information

Royse Pool InformationOpens: Memorial Weekend

Hours: Daily 9:00am to 9:00pm

Pool Rules

  • NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. Persons using the pool do so at their own risk.
  • No children under the age of 14 allowed in pool unless supervised by parent or designated adult.
  • No breakable containers or any kind allowed in pool area.
  • All alcohol is to be kept in closed containers.
  • All pool users should place their trash in the trash receptacles.
  • Each person is responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
  • Royse guest must be accompanied by a Royse resident and the Royse resident is responsible for the guest.
  • No loud noise or loud music is allowed.
  • Privacy of other users shall be protected. 
  • No running or horseplay.
  • No diving allowed; pool is not designed for diving.
  • No pool toys or balls should be thrown recklessly in the pool area.
  • No dogs in the pool or pool area.
  • Pool gate must be closed/locked after entering or leaving the pool.
  • Lost or stolen pool keys will incur a $25 charge.


Please take a moment to review the proper use of the pool with your family. Chairs are to be used for seating only and do not belong in the pool. The life-saving devices are not for play. It is important that we treat the pool facilities in a manner that would be expected if attending a public pool. Improper use of the facilities not only results in added expenditures for the homeowners, but also pose safety risks. It would be extremely unfortunate if the lifesaving devices were broken or missing due to individuals using them improperly, if an emergency situation occurred.


For any issues regarding the pool, please contact MAK Management, LLC at 913-752-7266.